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This course covers the methodology and scope of business information systems analysis and their relationship to the management process. State-of-the-art approaches to system analysis will be presented to effectively develop a system concept statement that captures the essence and value of the system, analyze user requirements, model those requirements, and prepare formal requirements specifications. Analysis methods include use case modeling, class diagrams, and object oriented techniques. (24 PDUs)



The first step in every system project is to gather requirements from system’s stakeholders. The business analyst is often the bridge between business and IT to analyze business needs and improve business processes and clearly and effectively communicate user requirements to the development team.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and analyze an existing information system and specify the requirements for a replacement system
  • Develop use cases and class diagrams
  • Use Microsoft Visio for system modeling and analysis
  • Apply alternative approaches to systems development
  • Understand the purpose, context and expected deliverables of systems analysis



Business analysts, system analysts, developers, project managers, IT professionals, business end users and anyone involved in defining and analyzing business requirements.





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